pic of new salonThe Pet Mahal was a wonderful experience!  Very calm, welcoming zen like atmosphere- I believe my little Mattie even dozed off during her facial!  Great experience will definitely visit again and gladly recommend to others.”   ~ Amber C.

“Thanks for taking such great care of my ill Vander!”    ~Deidra H.

SPA PACKAGES to add to baths: (PRICE OF BATH NOT INCLUDED)                          

Basic Spa Package – $10 Whirlpool Hydrotherapy, Shampoo Upgrade, Blueberry Facial and a cologne spritz

Deluxe Spa Package – $15 Includes Basic Spa Package plus Teeth Brushing and a Paw Bubble Soak

Ultimate Spa Package – $20 Includes Basic and Deluxe Spa Packages plus an Advanced Conditioning Treatment Wrap


Shampoo Upgrades (Free with Spa Package) – $5 to $10

Teeth Brushing (Free with Deluxe Package) - $8

Anal Gland Expression – $10

Nose and Paw Balm – $5

Nail Polish (made especially for dogs) – $10

Flea Shampoo  – $5 – $15, depending on time and amount needed for thorough treatment


Whirlpool Hydrotherapy – $10  gentle jetted nozzles massage warm water all over your pet’s body from shoulders to toes providing the perfect release for muscle tension and anxieties. Ideal for senior dogs with joint pain

De-Shed System Treatment – special shampoo massaged deep into the coat loosens the shedding hair followed by de-shedding with special tools and hand blow dry expels the unwanted coat. Price varies depending on time needed for thorough treatment.  Average cost is between $10 – $20.  De-shed cost is in addition to bath price.

Blueberry Facial Scrub – $5 tearless, all natural blueberry scented face wash is gently applied during your pet’s facial massage and their faces come out bright and clean.

Conditioning Body Wrap – $5 to $15 deep, thick conditioner developed for pets is massaged into your pet’s coat and skin and then they are wrapped with a warm towel giving relief to seriously dry skin and dry coat.

Paw Soak and Balm Rub – $8 paws are soaked in a soothing treatment designed to relieve the environmental irritants that dry out and crack their paws and then a natural, creamy balm is massaged into their paws to moisten and help alleviate any pain they may have. We will also apply the balm to their dry noses and elbows if needed.