A huge thank you to all of our wonderful client family for your many years of love and support. We have been blessed with the most wonderful groomers on earth. Life can be bittersweet at times - as it is now. Both Tina & Nicole are stepping back from the physical demands of grooming and are moving into administrative positions. Tina is taking an administrative position at a veterinary office, and Nicole will stay here and take on the Manager of Pet Client Enrichment. We are truly happy for both of them.





Two shampoos.
Brush Out.
Nail Trim.
Ear cleaning.

Small - $30+
Medium - $35+
Large - $50+

All bath prices quoted by phone/chat are estimates only and vary depending on size of the dog, the level of intricacy, condition and length of coat, severity of matting, tangling, cleanliness/fleas.


Face, Feet & Sanitary Trim - $10+.

De-matting, De-shedding, Face/Fanny/Paw clipping, Shaving due to matting & salon fluff/dry for certain breeds (Poodles, Bichons, etc.) - $10+ per 15 min session.

Teeth Brushing - $8+.

Ala Carte nail trimming - $15 to $20, depending on size/difficulty.

Shampoo Upgrades - $8+.

Nose and Paw Balm - $5+.

Flea Shampoo - $10 to $15, depending on time and amount needed for thorough treatment.


De-Shed System Treatment - $10 per 10 minute session.
Special shampoo massaged deep into the coat loosens the shedding hair followed by de-shedding with special tools and hand blow dry expels the unwanted coat. Price varies depending on time needed for thorough treatment. De-shed cost is in addition to bath price.

Blueberry Facial Scrub - $8+.
Tearless, all-natural blueberry scented face wash is gently applied during your pet's facial massage and their faces come out bright and clean.

Paw Soak and Balm Rub - $8+.

Conditioning Body Wrap - $10.

These services available in addition to your bath or groom.

Basic Spa Package - $15. Includes a shampoo upgrade, blueberry facial and cologne.

Deluxe Spa Package - $20.
Includes basic and deluxe spa packages and an advanced conditioning treatment wrap Paws are soaked in a soothing treatment designed to relieve the environmental irritants that dry out and crack their paws and then a natural, creamy balm is massaged into their paws to moisten and help alleviate any pain they may have. We will also apply the balm to their dry noses and elbows, if needed.

A Pet Sitting fee of $10 per dog may apply if your pet is left At The Pet Mahal more than one hour prior to a grooming appointment and/or more than an hour after a pickup call has been made. Exceptions - pets who have been assessed and are suitable for open play daycare.


Can I see your facility?
Absolutely, we are proud of our open-door policy that encourages people to stop in anytime Monday-Friday from 9:00am-11:00am or 1:30pm-5:30 pm for a tour. Our lobby is closed weekdays from 11:30am-1:30pm.

Will my pet be stuck in a kennel all day?
We never cage or kennel, we are an all-suite facility. All dogs go out at least every hour and a half to go to the bathroom, stretch and get fresh air.

Do you have a security system?
We have a multi-unit camera system, a live monitored security system with smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring by Liberty Fire Protection Inc. and an arrangement with the North Charleston Fire Department across the street that provides them with their own access lockbox to enter at any time without notice upon alarm from Liberty (which is easily heard across the street).

What if there's a fire?
We are directly across the street from the North Charleston Fire Department. There is an online fire alarm system and a sound alarm directed to the fire department. There's also a lockbox system that allows the fire department immediate access into the building.

How big is your facility?
Our inside space is just over 5,000 square feet and outdoor space is just over 15,000 square feet with a solid 8' wooden fence lined with concrete and covered with artificial turf.

Do you offer a military discount?
We proudly offer a military discount.

Why do you run those diffusers in the lobby?
It has been clinically proven that diffusing essential oils relaxes both animals and humans, we only use oils approved for pets.

Do you have a standard operating procedure for sanitation?
Yes, we do. We regularly attend and participate in continuing education courses to improve all aspects of the business.


What qualifies you to take on the serious task of boarding animals?
Sadly, there is no regulation in South Carolina regarding pet facilities, but we practice as if there is and we are also active in legislation that encourages regulation so that all facilities must adhere to common practices of safety and cleanliness.

What do I need to do to set up boarding?
Create a new customer profile by clicking “Request Reservation”. Once you have completed the profile, an assessment will need to be scheduled. A completed service agreement, proof of current vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella along with a paid deposit of one night's stay or 50% for holidays.

Do you have an economy rate?
No, because we are an all-suite facility. We do not crate.

Can I pick-up or drop-off on the weekends?
Yes, we offer both Saturday and Sunday lobby hours of 7:30-8:30am & 4:00-5:00pm.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?
Fortunately, we are commonly booked to capacity so we must have a deposit to secure a reservation.

Is the deposit refundable?
The deposit is non-refundable, but with a 48 hour notice of cancellation prior to arrival time for regular boarding and 72 hours for holiday boarding, the deposit will be applied as a store credit.

What if I forget to bring their food?
We always have house food available for purchase for $2.50 per meal or a grain - free house food for purchase for $3.50 per meal. Wet food is also available for purchase at $3.00 per meal.

Do you administer medications and if so is there a charge?
We do administer medications as well as give subcutaneous insulin injections. There is a $2.00 administration fee. All medicines must be put in a daily pill box.

Do you have food/snacks/ treats for purchase or do I have to bring them?
We encourage all guests to stay on their regular diet but we do offer house food as well as an extensive array of add-on treats for purchase.

What all should I bring for boarding?
We ask that you limit your items to food and one article of clothing or blanket with your home scent on it. We do not allow any toys with loose poly-fil due to the obstruction danger if swallowed. We require meals be measured by owner in individual bags due to limited space and to eliminate any question of amount fed. If you choose not to bag each meal, there will be a $2.00 prep fee.

What vaccines do I need for boarding?
Rabies, Distemper, and Kennel Cough (Bordetella).

How far out do I need to reserve a suite?
At least 2 weeks for non-holidays and 2 months for holidays.

What do they sleep on?
All suites include a professional Kuranda raised bed at no additional charge.

What if I don't want my pet to play with others?
Open play is at the discretion of the owner. If open play is not desired for daycare, boarding or in-house pet-sitting then they will go out in a private area at least every 1 ½ hours. We have a very limited number of suites available for "no open play dogs"; therefore, we suggest EARLY booking to secure a reservation.

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Aldwin R.

Great place! I highly recommend it! I'm a manager at Charleston Animal Society and this boarding facility is fantastic. Very easy going and they truly connect with your pets when they stay.

Marcie B.

A DEFINITELY unique place! Would give 6 stars if we could!

Sherrie P.

I toured every facility in the area and The Pet Mahal is by far the best!

Mary Ellen M.

"Best boarding experience ever (and Danny's first!) I got videos, pictures, texts, every day with updates on how he was doing. Tons of love and affection and interaction with my boy. They treated him as if he were their own. Love this place!!!"


"Mika had her first visit to The Pet Mahal. She highly recommends it to all her four legged friends. Got a facial. Got her nails done. Got her hair cut, combed, and a bow. Met the nicest lady there that runs the place. There is a mini rainbow row for dogs and they have treats too! Just the place for a sweet southern girl to go get pampered. Thanks, and we will be back soon!"